Mount Bromo in long weekend

Mount Bromo in long weekend

bromo tour in long weekend always very crowded

Bromo Tour in Long Weekend

As the most visited tourism object in east java mount bromo every day  almost never less of visitors especially  weekend and the climax will be in long weekend when national  holliday come near to weekend mount bromo will be very crowded,most of the visitors  are centralized in view point at mount penanjakan waiting for the sun rise that make traffic  jam on the way up there and the parking wiil be very long some time until 2km before view point, I let you know that the total of the jeep in bromo as the only transportasion to mount bromo & view point are more then 600 jeeps and that all out of order in long weekend so you can emagine if all the jeep park along the way to view point..hmm.. so terrible visitors have to walk up for 2 or 3km and  if they don’t want to walk of course must spend more money for motor cycle services(people there call ojek) one more thing that I would like to let you know here is the prices of jeep,horse riding in see of the sand etc. will be growing up sky rocketing if you are not use to go there or know the real prices.

Hotel will be one thing that really needed for your over night but that will be not so easy to get for walk in visitor they have to book several days before because the hotel in bromo are not enough in special holliday  because mostly  the hotel there have very limited rooms about 30 to 40 rooms and some of them less then that.

So I recommend for mount bromo visitors to use the service of trevel organizer to serve their visit in order to get well arrangement and enjoyable tour. You can use Java fantastic trip tourism service  by visiting or call me at +6281330699282  we are very professional for east java tours handling you can also can contact us only for information before you decide to book your tour,well have a nice day

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